Some of published articles written by Mr. Abdolali Bazargan 


With my special gratitude to Mr. Bazargan, I’ll post some of his speeches and as well as some of his articles  


 Sureh Hamd (Fatihatul Ketab)    ***


Rights of Women in Islam

       Answer to Pope Benedict Speech About Islam     Why is Woman’s inheritance half that of Man?    
       The Qur’an and Violence     Are Men more noble/superior to Women in the eyes of God?    
        Jihad at the Heart of Islam     Was Woman created from the left rib of Man?    
        An Islamic Perspective of September 11th     Is Woman a Man’s plantation?    
        Meaning and Significance of Prayers in Quran     Is the Woman’s testimony worth half that of Man?    
        Mohammad and America     Does a Man have the right to beat his wife?    
            Wearing of the Veil    
            Marriage with a nine year old girl    
            Is Polygamy allowed in Islam?