Quran - The Night Journey
" This Quran guides people on the most correct path " ... " We have explained all things in detail. "  


Can Quran, which God has explained it thoroughly and guides on the best path,
be a kind of guidance that people do not understand?

Chosen movies and videos about Islam, the Holy Quran, and the last messenger of Almighty God Muhammad (pbuh)


ď And should those who worship me ask you about how far or near I am to them,
  should know that I am indeed near to them;
  and whoever calls me I shall respond to his supplication;
  (but) they must accept what I invite them to do,
and should join me in order to be properly guidedĒ.
(The Holy Quran 2:186)

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The Holy Quran and Layers of the Atmosphere (Miracle of The Holy Quran?)
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Non-Muslim views about Muhammad (pbuh)
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Ellison Becomes First Muslim Congressman  
Muhammad (pbuh)  
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Islam is only and only surrendering to orders, commands, and vision of God.
Woe to the people who have opened shops for profit using religion,
and Woe to those who call themselves Muslim yet have never read the commands of Almighty God (the Holy Quran).
Instead of obeying the commands of Almighty God (The Holy Quran) some people follow the direction of those
who were created by  the one and only Almighty God - other human  (dead or alive)

The messenger of God is no longer with us, he is with God. However, All His commands which were reviled to the heart of Muhammad (pbum) is in our hands, Why do we pay attention to the opinions and commands of others? 
What do you call this?

"  And certainly We have set forth to men in this Quran similarity of every sort °may the people pay attention"  
Quran 39:27

A priceless gift to everyone who is looking for the straight path, which we have been stray from it in our lives

The Holy Quran is the only direct link between God, and you and I.
Letís all go toward the One and Only God and the true Islam.