In the Name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

    Dear Friends … this is a personal site developed by me for which even a penny is not and won’t be obtained from anyone.
Nothing is sold on this website and there will be no advertisement for any product.
This website does not have any association whatsoever with any individual, Group, branch, or any country.
The only association and connection this site possesses is with the Almighty God and The Holy Quran.

I personally am responsible for all the contents of this site.

    In this site, no one is asked for any kind of information to give us,
and under any conditions no one’s financial support or any donation in any shape or form will be accepted whatsoever.
    Only the Almighty God, to whom I plead for acceptance of my thanks and gratitude, is my helper and my sponsor.   
    I have been trying to establish a source, which after 14 centuries, can be used by our children and us
to comfortably and easily read, understand, and be informed of the Almighty God’s Words and Commands (the Holy Quran) in Farsi and in English.
    My endless sincere thanks to my God, the Unique Creator for this opportunity, pride, and advancement, that He has given me.  
    This Kindness of the Almighty God, the permission to be one of the insignificant servants of His court
is the biggest joy and pride of my life, which can't be described.
    Not knowing Arabic has caused me not to comprehend the Commands of the Almighty God in my life,
and to understand them, listening to others was a big huge mistake.
    The Words of the Almighty God (the Holy Quran), which is the Guide and Mercy for the people who come to believe, is in our hands,
why should we pay attention to the commands of others?
    In your opinion, what do you call this?   
    The Almighty God sent down the Holy Quran to us in a simple language without any complexities or riddles for His servants,
so they can understand and comprehend it.
    I have no doubts that after reading this simple and fluent translation of Quran,
which is without unfamiliar words and complex sentences
(which could be difficult to understand even in the presence of the translator),
you will come to agreement with me, and from now on you will go to the source,
namely, you will refer directly to Quran, which contains each any every Commands of the Almighty God (see Quran 6:38, 16:89, 39:27, 17:12).
    Those who claim people need them to understand and comprehend the Quran, have opened shops for profit.  
    Some of these persons are those who have taken advantage of people for centuries due to their lack of Quran knowledge
and have forced down the throats of people their backward and profit seeking thoughts in the name of religion.
    Tell those persons to read “Ghamar” chapter, verses 17, 22, 32, and 40, in which the Almighty God says;
“without any doubt we made Quran simple for comprehension. Is there anyone who can understand?”.
    The Almighty God in chapter “Esra’a”, verses 9 and 12 says;
“This Quran guides people to the most correct path … we have explained everything completely”.
    Is the guidance of Quran in such a way that people cannot understand,
while this is a Quran that the Almighty God has completely explained and it guides to the most correct path?
    Woe unto tricks of the religious profiteers the professional-religious-shopkeepers and woe unto the lack of attention of people.  
    This site is prepared for people like me who do not know Arabic, and this translation is the result of years of research
through a number of Farsi and English translations by some well known individuals who had translated the Holy Quran. 
My hope is that after reading the Holy Quran in the language that we understand, you too can comprehend the value of this Holy and Godly Book,
and your life, such as mine, can completely change and get a different color. 
    With the Grace of the Almighty God, since 1995 this website which has two domain names   &  receives the highest rating, usually the first place in all the search engines indexes
such as Google, yahoo, and Bing in its category with the combination of two key-words of Quran, Farsi. Thank the Almighty God for it.
I have two requests from each one of you:
First, to please send the address of this site to all your friends and acquaintances throughout the world and ask them to do the same;
second, to please say a prayer for me and all the people who are helping me with their knowledge in this endeavor.

My God, my Lord, my only Provider, my only Protector, my only Supporter, my only Guardian, and my only Savior,
I put all my trust in You,  I rely only on You, please accept my gratitude for the Holy Quran. 
Hassan Zamanzadeh – Los Angeles, California