The Holy Quran is the Light and the Guidance for humanity


Whenever you raise your hands saying: O' my God,
have absolutely no doubt that the Almighty God is responding to you by saying:
"Yes my servant, what do you want" 
each and every time, no exception

“And whenever My servants ask you about Me, [tell them] I am indeed very near to them;
I answer the appeal [the prayer] of the prayerful one whenever he appeals to Me,
so they should answer My Call
[answering My Call by obedience],
and believe in Me,
in order to be properly guided [so that they may follow the Right Path]”. (The Holy Quran 2:186)

In order to be a follower of any divine faith, first we must be human – those who kill innocent people do not qualify

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Anyone who kills any person unless it be for murder
or for spreading corruption on earth,
acts as if he had killed all mankind.
And anyone who spares a life [saves life of one],
acts as if he had granted life to all mankind (Quran 5:32)


Indeed, those who believe [in the Quran]
and those who follow the Jewish faith,
and the Christians,
and the Sabians,
in fact anyone who believes in God [the One and Only One],
and the Last Day,
and do righteous deeds [acts honorably]
they will have their reward with their Lord
should have no fear, nor will they be saddened. (Quran 2:62)

Freedom of speech and expression is the basic principle of Islam granted by the Almighty God to every human being.
There is no compulsion in religion. The right course has become clear from the wrong
(Quran 2:256).

In the Holy Quran no power or authority has been given to anyone to hurt or even annoy any other person who has
a different point of view then you have in any way shape or form.
Having said that; a Muslim is a person who follows the Commands of the Almighty God in the Holy Quran
and anyone who does not is not a Muslim and should not be called a Muslim.

“Those who do not judge according to what God has sent down (the Holy Books) are disbelievers, disobedient, wrongdoers and unjust”
(Quran 5:44, 5:45, 5:47).  

All Muslims have been Commanded by the Almighty God to display total control, not to react harshly, and avoid any violence
even if they hear some people are rejecting or they are making fun of the Verses of the Holy Quran,
and simply leave and return when the topic of the conversation has been changed.
“In the Book, He has revealed to you that whenever you hear Verses of God are being disbelieved in,
and ridiculed (mocked, rejected, and made fun of), you should not sit with them until they begin to talk of other things
(change to some other topic, or else) you would surely be just like them (if you stayed)

(Quran 4:140)

No faith ever teaches or promotes killing of even one innocent person;
Therefore those who kill innocent people are not the followers of any divine faith and they should not be considered as one.
The possibility of being a murderer and a follower of the religion of Abraham does not exist.
Islam promotes Justice, Equality, and Freedom for mankind.
The Holy Quran teaches us to be righteous, to be just, practice forgiveness, act honorably and kindly, practice charity,
race to do all that is good, and love one another.

"Quran Verse 25 chapter 57"
"We have sent Our messengers with explanations, and sent the Book and the Balance down along with them, so that mankind may conduct themselves with equity"

my God, my Lord, my Master, please accept my thanks and gratitude for the Holy Quran

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